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In order to make an awareness of the health benefits of Rice
SKM to pump in Rs.20 cr. For Rice Bran Oil Unit 31/01/2008
ERODE – BASED SKM Animal Feeds and Foods (India) Limited,
100% Oryzanol
The unfolding, amazing success story of SKM Group of Companies began in the year 1983 by the entry of an entrepreneur for excellence Sri. SKM MAEILANADHAN, the affable and dynamic industrialist of today in Cattle and Poultry Industry.

In fulfilling the long felt needs of the Cattle and Poultry farmers and having felt the need for supply of superior quality feeds, the Company SKM Animal Feeds and Foods (India) Limited was started in the year 1983 with the production capacity of 36,000 M.Ts of Animal Feeds per year. Now the production capacity is 90,000/M.Ts per Month.